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I’d like to enter some competitions but don’t know if my works good enough for it to be worth it yet? If you read this, maybe you’d post a comment saying which (if any) photos are up to that standard?


All these photos are of the University of East Anglia’s grounds. Again, it was more of a long weekend away but these are a few I really like.

I went to Menorca this year in september, it was mostly a holiday so not many photos came of it. These are of the more successful photographs.

I’d like to upload photos and/or projects that i’ve been working on recently as a documentation type thing… to keep tabs on what I’m doing.

Most images i upload will be photos i’ve taken and edited that have nothing to do with my Photography course at Coventry, just places i go with my camera 🙂

Hoping for some feedback? Dont mind criticism… as long as its not too mean… 😀

Ashleigh Berryman

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