Although these images are under exposed, they have a certain charm to them. The under exposure is only evident in the facial area which adds a certain mystery to the photographs overall.

The reason I’m putting this body of work in, is just to note the drastic necessity for the right type of lighting in a shoot. It can make or break the photographic work.

I’m also putting this in though because I like it, the colours of the clothing and the hair is bold and stands out but the facial features are hidden to the world. The viewer would never know what the person truly looks like. The surrealist element to the photographs adds to the overall effect, the fact that a viewer can only see the eyes and just the nostrils of the nose catches them off guard.

Although the shoot was intentionally under exposed, I never thought the colours would pop so much. I was delighted but taken aback by the outcome.

As much as I am surprised with the images, they still show the importance of the right lighting in a photograph. Who knows, if these were exposed correctly they may have been stunning.

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