The images below are my photographs. After all the research into working with light I decided I would try to do something interesting with light that I hadn’t seen before. However, although the images are basic, the concept is the interesting part.

After looking at some of the light graffiti artists below I realised how hard it is to create something amazing using slow shutter speeds. However, I then looked into the work of Jeff Ascough and his natural light documentary wedding photographs I thought it would be interesting to combine the two ideas.

The images below are taken with lights within nature. I wanted to capture movement in the photographs and so asked someone to drive me though town while I took photos of the surrounding lights during the night. Most of the images are of traffic lights as we passed, some are of street lamps and there are a few of the moon.

Most of the images show a real sense of movement and I am happy with the outcome. However, the thing I’m most happy about is the way I’m thinking. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I want to take throughout and interesting/clever photographs. I think this series is the start of this thought process.

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