During my A levels I did a module on the Punk era. During this time I created some images which I was, and still am, really happy with.

Though Punk was the module for which I did this photo shoot, it was more something I did in response to the artist Richard Avedon. Avedon’s models were real working people (opposed to models acting the part). Therefore, in order to put these people at ease while photographing them he would take his set to their natural environment. However, this was not a part of his photographs directly. The photographs only show the person and the white backdrop in the frame, the way in which the images were achieved make for a much more relaxed and natural portrait to be taken.

Because of this I felt almost cheated. The viewer is being lured into a sense of the image being in a studio, when really this is just an assumption on the viewers part due to what is the norm.

As a response, I wanted to be honest with the viewer, let them know it was a set with a model, lights and a backdrop while also exposing the surrounding area.

After several attempts at placement of lighting I found the perfect composition. I am very proud of the light in these images; I think it creates a sense of warmth which keeps the anger in the frame. A cold setting would diffuse tension and lose the atmosphere. I also think the background with the bricks with the white backdrop makes for an interesting photograph. It makes the viewer consider the image as well as the realism being an image.

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