In 1989 Jeff Ascough started his photographic career at the age of 21 with portrait photography. Later, in 1990 he photographed his first wedding and his career as a wedding photographer blossomed thereafter. However, in 1994 he came to a crossroads. Stay with traditional wedding photography as was the norm at the time, or move on his obsession with street and documentary photography.

A year later, Ascough decided to combine the two. He began photographing weddings as an observer. ‘Capturing the essence of the wedding day’.  In the eyes of the world, this was a genius move as over the 10 years to follow his documentary wedding photographs won over 170 awards and accolades.

It was then only a matter of time before interest sparked overseas from the ‘Washington post’ who ran a feature on him. This publication was the ‘first time a British wedding photographer had been featured and overnight his work went global.’ A year later he was voted of the top five wedding photographers in the world by the BBC.

What I love about Ascough’s work, and why I have included him in this task, is his amazing ability to take such fantastic photographs while only using available light. Due to the fact that he is a wedding photojournalist he photographs natural occurrences which means no false lighting or no set ups. Ascough’s work is so unlike anything else I’ve seen and is exceptionally different to the traditional wedding photographs.

Working in both black and white and colour, his work is spectacularly romantic and because his subjects don’t pose, the subject matter is beautiful in its truth.

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Included in his photo gallery on his website at , Ascough also includes replies and comments from his clients. These can also be viewed in the album above.


All quotes are from Jeff Ascough’s ‘Bio’ section of his website –