I found some amazing photographs by Quinn Rooney online. These photographs have won awards such as being named the best sports photojournalist of the year. Unfortunately, that’s all I can find out about him. I showered the net looking for a nationality or some sort of information about his work but there’s literally nothing.

All I know is that he works for Getty images and covers a variety of sporting events including the Olympics. He’s done pictures for the Australian Open, formula 1, World Rally, World cup and the Swimming championships.

Some of Rooney’s images are amazingly lit, they’re mysterious and are technically flawless. He has the ability to capture the exact image he wants, with the light, the timing and the composition.

As well as this, Rooney’s images give me a sense of atmosphere. I can feel the warmth in some of them and the action in others. For a sports photographer, the images fit his criteria perfectly. I love them.

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