Caves are an interesting subject to photograph because of their location. Light is crucial to photography, especially when photographing that has no, or a limited amount of, natural light to begin with.

Looking at the images below, I think it’s interesting to see how photographers have gone about getting the light for some of their photographs. Some of the photographs are of caves which have been opened t other public, because of this they are lit inside so visitors can walk through. This, however, doesn’t make the task any easier. In fact, it is likely to make it harder in that a photographer would have to try to find a good photograph using lights which have been placed for practicality, not creativity.

Other images have been taken from inside the cave viewing the outside life. These are a lot easier to capture, but have a beautiful sense of framing. Holes in caves are like natural photographic crops. A photographer will take a photograph keeping the surroundings in mind and choosing where they crop the image. Even after the images are taken a photographer can usually go back and cut out what they don’t want. With a hole in the wall however, the image can be of one thing only; what is directly outside the threshold.

Here are some outstanding images of caves:

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