I read an article entitled ‘Bad weather = good light for opportunistic photographers’. The article was about how when you’re sitting at home and the weather is grey and rainy, all hope of a good photograph is out of the picture. This is because light is what makes an image amazing, it’s the foundation of a photograph and an absolute necessity.

However, the author of the article, Mark Eden believes that ‘After many rainfalls or storms, comes a spectacular burst of light. Often this light lasts only momentarily, but is worth waiting for.Eden is a freelance travel photographer and writer. He is also the founder and director of Expanse Photography, a photographic services company.

Mark Eden writes that good photographers will always visit the place of the photograph dozens of times planning and waiting for the photograph they have in their minds eye. He also says that a photographer has to be patient, the perfect shot won’t usually come along the first time and so waiting it out for it is how to get that one in a million shot.

‘Many a moody, muted landscape has been created using the worst weather conditions.’

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