When Jan Leonardo Wöllert began his work, he only photographed during the night. He developed new techniques in the field of light painting. He would illuminate his subjects with portable spotlights and torch lights in order to accentuate them. In 1998 he became an assistant to German photographer, Stefan Meyer – Bergfeld, where he was taught about large format landscape photography. Then, in 2004, he undertook digital photography and has since taken more than 10,000 long exposures at night with a fantastic outcome.

Jan met Jörg Miedza in 2007 and they have been working together since. However, neither of them are full time photographers. Jan is a PA while Jorg is an office based worker.

The work that this German Duo is named ‘Light Graffiti’ but even this title struggles to do these displays justice. ‘The fantastic spectacles of colour – which are the latest trend in street art – are as impressive as fireworks.’[1]

The duo use a variety of lights to create their images including bike lights, flash lights, blinking LED lights and all sorts of others. These are used to ‘paint’ the image straight onto the camera lens.

I personally love these photographic creations and I am 100% sure that I’m not alone in this. To me, the images look supernatural and are very sci fi just in how they are photographed and especially what the subjects in the images are doing. Some images are of balls of light which look like floating orbs and others are make to look like spectacular UFOs in fields.

When looking at this type of work I wonder what I could ever do in the realm of photography to this sort of level. It’s amazing and is a new stamp on light photography and has taken it to a whole other level!

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