Sparkler Art is a great combination of Photography and Light. Usually in photography, light is used to give an image a certain mood and make it creative. This type of photography, however, is all about light.

This is very similar to painting with light which I’ve already referenced but I’m referencing this type of work because it’s original and hard to do well. Painting with light is incredibly hard and is has a very fine balance when it comes to apertures, shutter speeds and the painter. However, this whole process is made even more complicated when it comes to painting with sparklers very simply because of the aspect of a time limit. Sparklers run out very quickly, a painter literally has the time it takes for the sparks to burn through the stick to paint their image.

This is why a successful painting using a sparkler is something to be very proud of.

For this example, I don’t have just one artist to reference this to. I got the idea by looking through Flikr and found an album named Sparkler Art which features these photographers:

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