Glen Hartjes is a commercial photographer from Wisconsin, United States. His work has taken him all over the U.S to places like Mexico and Canada. When he is not working, Hartjes still likes to travel on his touring motorcycle. During the winter months, his spare time turns to woodworking. He builds things from furniture to jewellery boxes.

I found Hartjes work from his blog where he posts an image and a description about it, and sometimes how it was made. Valuable tips and lessons can be learnt from him.

‘I was asked by Thrivent Financial, to photograph Lutheran Churches throughout the country for their calendar. Saint Peters in New York City presented it’s own challenges. Being made of gray concrete block, and sitting in the shadows of skyscrapers, the whole scene was very monochromatic. I checked inside and finding the interior was in the process of being renovated I realized my only shot was outside.

I am paid for results not excuses, so it was time to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

I came back at 6:00 p.m. and picked the best composition, put the camera on a tripod and took the first photo, the ugly gray one. I shot until 9:15 p.m. Watching the light change, I captured the sky, the reflections on the buildings, and after dusk the lights in the church and other buildings.

When I got back to my hotel, I worked till 1:00 a.m. painting seven files into the result you see here. I hope enjoy the process.’

‘Went for a ride before dawn,

then a walk in the woods,

took a picture,

just another nice day…’

‘Another old barn in morning light…’

‘I went for a walk very late on New Years Eve

and found serenity in the winter fog.

Happy New Year to everyone,

just a few days late…’

Just thought you may want to see the abandoned church and graveyard from the outside. The sky looked promising that afternoon, so I climbed halfway up the mountain on an old goat path and waited for the light. The sun cleared the clouds only for a few seconds, just long enough to shoot three quick exposures with a 6×9 view camera, then it was gone. Click to view larger.