I’ve been pondering how I would like to present my work a lot recently. Last term I made a small book with writing to accompany my images, but this term i want to do something different. The obvious options are to put an order up on my blog to show how I want them to be viewed, I could hand them in on a CD, present them in a powerpoint and have them projected onto the wall, make another book or print them out and stick them onto card.

However, because my final image has been made to look like a mundane photograph until the viewer looks into the background to see the variety of odd little changes, these photos need to be shown to the viewer and presented in a bog standard way which causes no confusion or suspicion. Because of this, I thought about how traditional photographs are displayed. The most obvious way, although dated, is to print them out and have them in a photo album or just as straight images like my parent have from printing film pictures.

This gave me the idea to go to Boots and use one of the printing kiosks to print out my images and present them in a normal fashion in the usual package that people would pick their photographs up in.

However, the assignment brief very clearly states that ‘one [image] should be printed and presented as the lead image with the others as supporting material.’ Because of this I needed a way to make it very clear which of my images is the ‘leading’ one because although this is very clear to me, I don’t want any confusion when marked.

The simplest and most traditional way to make one image stand out from the rest was to put it in a frame. I have bought a very simple frame to put the ‘leading’ image in and the rest of the images in the package are ‘supporting material’.