Upon choosing an art movement at the beginning of the project, I struggled. I was adamant not to choose one I had researched previous to this assignment, however, while reading through the texts, my idea sprang from a text on Modernism and appealed to me greatly. In hindsight, I’m glad I chose a movement I was familiar with because it meant I had far more of an understanding for its methods and beliefs than I could ever have had for a new movement.

This project gave me this exact opportunity to work within Photoshop which is a big passion of mine. Although the outcome and ideas behind my final images are not directly linked to Modernism, the ideas that generated the proposal came from a text which spoke about capturing a moment within a photograph with new technologies. This made me start to question the nature of a photograph and whether the entire photograph is relevant, or just the subject.

This led me to my idea about shifting the focus of the photo. Instead of the foreground being the main focus, in my final image, the background is vital. My intention was that a viewer could just glance at my image and see nothing special about its general nature – the viewer would have to look deeper into the detail of the image to see its true meaning. I think I have achieved this feat.

Looking at the images now, i can see small things that I would probably have changed if I had the skills. However, because my Photoshop skills aren’t at a professional level, the images created are not perfect. Nevertheless, in a way this aspect makes my images more like the traditional photograph. No photograph is ever perfect, not even a manipulated one, if it is a snap shot.

In regard to the presentation of my images, I am very happy. I think the presentation is a prefect match for what the images are communicating. The thing I found most difficult during this project was trying to capture the images themselves and trying to choose which type of image would work best. It is not easy at all to try to photograph an area with potential for manipulation. Nonetheless, I feel I did my project proud with its lead photograph, and also with the manipulated images that accompany it and so am very happy with my outcome.