Although the project brief says we can produce a ‘minimum of three images’, I plan to produce around 8 – 10 photos. This is because although I wanted my final piece to be a real scene, much like in ‘Bamboozled’, I also made many images of manipulated objects which I am proud of and think are relevant. However, even if I hadn’t planned to hand them in to stand on their own they would still have a valid place in the project. This is because the main scene incorporates many of the manipulations I had previously made and I tried to take a photograph that my other manipulations could be manipulated into.

How to take the photograph?

My project proposal states that: ‘I plan to create a photograph complied of other photographs where on first glance the image won’t be particularly capturing, what will look like the main feature will be very mundane. The depth will come from looking into the background to see peculiar things happening. This work will make the background far more important that the foreground.’

Because of this, I needed to take a photograph that had a main subject which would portray why I took the photograph.

I explored many types of photograph to find one that would fit my context. I did this because during a crit session with Paul Smith he said something along the lines of, people will wonder why you’ve taken that photo if it doesn’t have a purpose for being taken’. This made a lot of sense because if I didn’t have a min subject then my whole concept wouldn’t have worked.

My project is about what is in the background of an image rather than the foreground, but because of this it is imperative that there is a foreground to look past.

Types of photography I looked at:

Going out and night life:

The issue I had with this type of photograph is that there wasn’t much I could do to manipulate them. I considered manipulating the cards in some of them and reflections in others but it didn’t seem like a big enough change.

Holiday Snaps:

Holiday photographs are usually of people or scenery, there really wasn’t much I could do in the way of changing them. As well as this, these photos all have a lot of light in them, so in order to manipulate them or add features I’d have to also recreate the light which would have been very difficult.

The area I chose:

Although 3 of 4 of these aren’t particularly useable, the 4th picture has a lot of potential because there are lots of open spaces like the walls, ceilings and backgrounds. It also has a main feature to be in the foreground which allowed me to place my previously manipulated images into the background of this image. Obviously, the fact that this image’s context fit with the photos id already manipulated contributed hugely.