Overall, I’m really happy with the outcome I’ve produced. I enjoyed using Final Cut Pro fairly easy once all the basics have been learnt. The aspect I’m most proud of I think is the content, I think the question I fathom from the text is interesting, well researched and linked to quite a few Photographers. I’m really happy with the amount of research I did and with the interview with Pete Lord (Second Year Photography Student).

The task was to create a video essay and I feel that is what I did, I made points and backed them up like I would on paper. However, although I’m happy with the results, I think it could have been made better by having a more camera friendly subject in order to eliminate using fading transitions during sentences where they’ve been spliced and stitched back together. But apart from this, I think the video clips included were relevant and helped build on what I was saying and so I’m proud of my first attempt.