While looking into the work of Wiebke Leister for my video essay on The Power of a Snapshot, I went to the library to try and find a book on her Neck Over Head series. Unfortunately, not only is there nothing in the library, but there is also very little on the internet about the series. However, I did find this article in the library in a Photography & Culture journal from July 2010 which is written by Leister.

I decided that anything I could find on her might be interesting. The article is about portraying a person/thing beyond the limits of just photographing or painting the individual. It speaks about how a portrait resembles a likeness to the sitter but does not resemble them because a simple photograph or painting can really capture a person’s personality or soul. She invents a term called “Non-Likeness” to capture the meaning of her ideas. The article goes on to explore the ‘triangle of signification between model, image, and viewer’.

On the whole, the article is a very overwhelming piece of writing and so is very hard to wrap your head around. But after I read it though a couple of times it began to make sense to me. I possibly wouldn’t say it must be read by all, but anyone exploring this idea or looking into the mind of Wiebke Leister should definitely read it.