As well as looking into Wiebke Leister for my video essay, as is clear on my blog, I am also looking into Jill Greenberg for her End Times series. The library also had no books for Jill Greenberg which is a huge shame, but I did find an interview with her in The British Journal of Photography. I found this article/interview extremely interesting. I love Jill Greenberg’s work and completely understand why she has made End Times. Her reasons for making it and the actual images fit together like a hand in glove. The images she creates are stunning and heart wrenching and they are manipulated on Photoshop to her own personal taste.

As well as this series, I also love her portraits of bears and monkeys and the way that she has photographed them. Greenberg explains that she is like no other animal photographer because she pays the animals like models to come in and perform for her. I read that one time she asked the trainers to make a bear look sexy, and in the end she got a shot with the bears hand on its hip.

Her photos are truly amazing and I am a massive fan.  I would thoroughly suggest looking at her work and reading this article and watching the videos I’ve posted!