As a Derren Brown fan, when I found this article in a magazine I was reading to pass time while waiting for someone, I jumped at the chance to read something by Derren. However, what I found actually was interesting to me in relation to my assignment about manipulation.

As I’ve already posted on my blog, my assignment 2 work is going to feature heavy manipulation in order to make the viewer confused and have to look twice. While showing some recent work to a fellow course mate who lives in Coventry she said that she didn’t recognise the area id manipulated which was exactly the result I wanted. She walks through the area every time she comes into uni, if not more and had to look twice to understand where it was even though I don’t distort my images in anyway.

In the article Derren talks about how to manipulate the people around you into doing what you want. For example, turning their music down on the bus or telling you their name because you’ve forgotten it. He also speaks about how he once avoided a fight with a drunk man by confusing him.

In a sense, I am also dissuading my viewer by confusing them. My images throw people off track and are not what they expect. Much like the drunk man with Derren, my images create a sort of ‘Wait, what?’ reaction.

I thought this was interesting.