These are just a few more photos that i’ve manipulated,

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From doing these type of images it has become very clear that some images are a lot easier to manipulate than others. Also, that some images will take a long time to manipulate but the results wont be nearly as interesting as the simple ones.

For this reason, my final image is most likely to feature simple but effective manipulations.

What is making these images hard to produce is that i have never seen any photographer doing what im doing, the closest i know of is Mary Frey. The difference between my images and Mary Frey’s is that mine completely manipulate, Frey’s usually use a layering technique to blend two photos together.

This technique may be something to experiment with…

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The way that i have approached this is to go out and take as many pictures as i think could be manipulated. This way i make up a sort of photo bank and then have as many photos as i need. Some of the ideas i have are a little elaborate and possibly a little to ambitious… but i make all the ones i can with the skills i have.

i have now started doing broader photographs as opposed to the close ups. This is in preparation for my final piece, i have been starting to get a feel for manipulating larger photos and will now move on to manipulating more than one aspect of a photo. However, this is a lot harder than it seems. Getting a photograph that is close enough for the changes to be clear but with enough aspects to change has proven to be very challenging…