The first gallery we visited while in London was Viktor Wynd fine Art – No Found to New Documents. This gallery was small with a selection of images on the walls. If I’m honest, I wasn’t overly impressed – a lot of the images were of nudes in peculiar positions, some were very crude and they just didn’t do it for me.

However, I cannot be sure if the gallery would have had the same effect if the images were presented in a clean, white space with nothing to distract from the photography… The Gallery was brimming with disturbing features like dead snakes in jars and sniffs of celebrity faeces being sold for £5. I’m not sure if the whole atmosphere of the place was meant to add to the images but for me it definitely didn’t.

All the animals stuffed with beer bottles and the jar full of used tissues labelled something along the lines of ‘The lonely nights after you left’ made the whole experience very unpleasant.  This aspect of the gallery is a modern twist in juxtaposing sex toys with antique dolls and is very deliberate in what goes into the gallery but this type of art just isn’t to my taste or style.

On the upside, my complete discust at the whole experience has made the gallery very memorable… Maybe that was intentional.