Walking back down to the final gallery I was discussing the two previous galleries with Matt Johnston who is photography teaching assistant at Coventry on the course. I was saying to Matt that I much preferred the Nettie Horn work because it was something that the general public would appreciate. The Viktor Wynd was much more of a refined taste and definitely wasn’t something which could be bought and commercialised and be put on the wall of a bank.

When we started to talk about what photographers aimed to do with their work, Matt said that most photographers have two archives, a commercial one which are the commissions and such that bring in the money to continue working, and the personal one which is the work that is their artistic outlet.

This to me summed up the differences between the two galleries we had just seen. Nettie Horn was very safe and aesthetically interesting. Shannon Finley’s work in particular was exactly something that could be displayed on a the wall of a bank or in a restaurant. However, the Viktor Wynd was much more of the personal side of the trade.