The second gallery was the Nettie Horn Gallery where we received a short talk from Danielle Horn giving a brief explanation of the ideas behind the works on the walls. This Gallery was even smaller than the first but was a lot more impressive.

The art on the walls was very striking and intriguing; I was instantly interested in it and had questions about the ideas, designs and how it was made. The gallery exhibited Shannon Finley’s work which is acrylic on canvas. The work was really interesting because it was so mathematic in its presentation and was really interesting to look at because figures and shapes can be seen amongst the paint.

The other really interesting artist was Caline Aoun who frames magazine pages and put a frosted spray on the glass in front of them. This is really interesting because it means the viewer can see different things depending on how far away they’re standing from the work. Also, the work can impartially be made out because of the shapes and words that the brain recognises. The one I most remember was one that said The End in it; this could only be made out because of the font type which is associated with the words.