Mary Frey went graduated from Yale University with a MFA in 1979 and is currently a photography professor at the Hartford Art School.

Frey has received a number of awards for her photography, most notably a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1984 and two photography fellowships from the National Endowment for Arts in 1980 and 1992. Frey went on to receive of a Te Foundation Fellowship in 2004.

Her work has been exhibited extensively and is part of many public and private collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Chicago Art Institute and the International Polaroid Collection.

Telling Stories:

Mary Frey produced ‘Domestic Rituals’ 1979-83 which is a series of large format, black and white images showing ‘banal, domestic situations that were directed or set up to look as if they were documentary photographs.’ These photographs questioned the credibility of straight photography as a seemingly precise and factual record. She then produced ‘Real Life Dramas’ 1984-87 to push these ideas further.

‘Ten years later I revisited this work armed with a new tool, the computer.’ Photographic truth is now unlikely considering how digitalized and mutated an image can be. Frey says ‘I now “harvest” photographs. I collect images that interest me. Old images may join new ones. The possibilities for making photographic images seem endless. Telling Stories is about reconsidering the past in light of the present. It’s about truthful fictions and fictional truths.’

These ideas are similar to mine, and the photographs she produces are really interesting considering the route I’m perusing at the moment.

Here are some of Frey’s images:

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