As I said in my project proposal, my ideas at the moment are revolving around bringing the background of an image into the foreground.

People toy with the idea of what is in the background of photographs every day, I’ve always wondered how many photos I’m randomly in the background of.  What will be interesting about this work is that usually the people who populate the background are irrelevant to the photographer; they contribute to the subject matter very little. The work I’m creating will flip this idea on its head and make the foreground almost irrelevant and the background relevant.

This idea is based on a book I used to read as a child named ‘Bamboozled!’ by David Legge. The book is about a girl who goes to visit her grandfather and says she notices something strange about her visit. Throughout the book the reader explores the house of the grandfather and sees all the strange aspects of his house, these are things like animals playing cards, dishes hanging on the line and a tiger in a highchair. Towards the end of the book it becomes apparent that it is none of these things that the girl finds strange, it is the fact that her grandfather is wearing odd socks.

I think this book was subconsciously the main inspiration for my ideas for this assignment.