After reading the brief I initially thought of picking a whole new movement to feature this Assignment around. I created a presentation on Modernism in the first term and then one on Minimalism in the second, because of this I initially wanted to stay away from these movements.

I started my research by looking into other movements that I could produce my images out of. After looking into Pop Art, Renaissance, Cubism and Dadaism I decided that Dadaism might the right direction to move in. I then went on to do a lot more research into Dadaism and generated more blog posts on this subject. However, while I was doing this I realised that it would be decidedly difficult to create something that could make people question ‘What is Art?’ Moreover, I found myself not wanting to make people consider this point.

While this was happening I was researching the texts given to us as part of Assignment 2 and I was relating them to artists I knew. While I was reading A CRITIAL INTRODUCTION by Liz Wells which is about modernism I stumbled across an idea which I would enjoy perusing.

The text speaks of photography capturing a moment in time and that moment living on forever. I couldn’t get that concept out of my head. It also made me think of how people take an image with only the foreground in mind.

I plan to create a photograph complied of other photographs where on first glance the image won’t be particularly capturing, what will look like the main feature will be very mundane. The depth will come from looking into the background to see peculiar things happening. This work will make the background far more important that the foreground.