During a workshop before our book cover deadline we were given a group task where we were given a selection of images and our assignment was to take the image and turn it into a book cover. This task, as opposed to the book cover task, was a lot easier to complete because we already had the resource in which the book cover would be based on. The image that my group chose was this one by Loretta Lux.

We chose this image out of the variety that we had purely due to preference and which image would work as a book cover best. Looking at the photograph we thought that it had eeriness to it probably because the child is very pale, doll-like and looking straight at the camera. For me, it reminded me of the character Chucky from the Childs Play series.

So, starting on the alterations to the original image, as a group we edited the features of the child’s face. This edits are things like raising her eyebrows into a more sinister pose, making the whites of eyes whiter, making her head slightly larger, using the dodge tool to make her skin lighter and then the burn tool to draw dark lines around and under her eyes.

After the editing process was over, we needed to extend the image upwards to make space for a title. Coming up with the title was the thing we struggled the most with, we knew it needed to be something about music or sound in order to make the drum relevant but it also needed to fit with the scariness of the child so something with sinister implications. We wanted the book to look mysterious because the image itself is and so didn’t want to be obvious with the title because it would have ruined the aesthetic. Because of this ‘The Sound of Silence’ worked very well we thought.

Lastly all we had to do was add a logo which was just a stamp of a foot to keep things simple. Then in the final minutes that we had to finish the cover we realised our names weren’t on it so we stuck them on in random places in a very rushed manor. This is the thing I would change if I had had more time. I think having the author’s names underneath one another in the bottom right corner opposite the logo would have made the cover more professional.

However, apart from that, I am overall very happy with the outcome considering the very short time limit in which we had to make them.