Symphony of the Night

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This book cover was harder for me to produce, the two ideas previous to this came easily to me and actually producing the final outcomes was fairly easy for me. My first two covers were minimalist entirely in their creation, they were simplistic and straight forward, this one however, is a mixture of the movements, the majority of the cover is minimalist in style but the main featuring image is surrealist/ Dadaist in creation. I think it’s a striking image and suits a book cover brilliantly.

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of my work for this project, I enjoyed using my Photoshop for this purpose. However, the thing I enjoyed about this project was a subtle touch that I added to my covers which was the wrap around aspect of the book. I researched what usually went onto this part of the book and found that it was information about the author. Mine are very interesting 🙂


I enjoy adding an element of humor into my work, i think it makes it more interesting.