Cubism was a new kind of art that first appeared in 1907. It began in Paris, France, with a Frenchman, Georges Braque, and a Spaniard, Pablo Picasso.

The goal of Cubist artists was an improved kind of realism made by changing objects into flat-sided geometric forms that showed very little depth. Picasso and Braque also believed that showing only one view of an object didn’t explain it well enough, so they included several views at once.

Cubist artists were not trying to imitate appearances, however. Georges Braque explained that the goal of Cubist art was in the reality of the mind, not the senses. For these reasons, Cubist artists did not try to paint realistically.

Cubists created an abstract, abstract method of painting to depict three dimensional objects on a two dimensional plane while preserving multiple perspectives.

This link shows some really interesting uses for cubism in photography:

However, the leading cubist photographer in my eyes is David Hockney, his work is displayed below:

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