So to start looking into this project, as many people would, I started with what I knew. Around my room I have various books which I got down and looked at for inspiration. The main ones that stuck out were Stephanie Mayer’s Twilight series and the majority of Danielle Steel’s books.

These particular books stuck out because of their Minimalist approach at book cover design. The Twilight Saga uses black backgrounds throughout and has a main theme of red and white on all covers.

It is clear that Roger Hagadone, the photograph for the book cover, had a very specific brief for the type of thing the book wanted:

These are all very simplistic and have one main feature. This is where I took the inspiration for both my first, and second book cover. The first one (Always Watching) resembles these covers more the the second (Believe in Love) mainly because of the difference in genre.

Although I can’t find the photographer/designer for Danielle Steel’s books, its clear that most of them have a specific design. This design, as with many books in a series, are made to complement each other. They are also Minimalist In their design.

All these books have the same type for the authors name (which also doubles as a type of logo for the books). They also all feature a very similar layout with the name of the book at the bottom and an image relevant to the book in the middle. Most of the backgrounds are either one colour or a simple gradient and is simple.