Within Assignment 1, one of the main objectives is to find our own style of photography and our own type of practice. It asks us

‘Are you in harmony or conflict within the social structure you are a part of?’

From this, we have been told to examine the sources of individual pressure within society to conform our behaviour and appearance. We are told we can examine stereotypes, race, gender, religion, class or age. We are expected to experiment and try to work outside our comfort zones.

My ideas:

One of my first ideas was to access who i am as a person in society. I wrote down that i am a Art StudentBartenderDaughterPhotographerGirlfriendWaitressTeenagerSister and Friend. Then i started looking into the stereotypes behind these things to see what i should be like in the eyes of society… In order to get feedback i posted some status’ on Facebook asking about stereotypes.

University students:

Other stereotypes for University students are: Tired, Lazy, Sexual and Drunk.

Art Students:


  • Moody
  • Hoods up – yobs
  • Aggressive
  • Trouble making

Stereotypes have to come from some kind of truth, it is the minority of the population that create these brands for the majority to live under. The people that stereotypes are DO exist and id like to start my photographing them…

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