London is deserted and Jim (Cillian Murphy) has just woken after a car accident left him comatose. Confused and alone, he stumbles though a deserted London unaware that society has collapsed around him. Once Jim finds a few other survivors the film takes us through the story of their survival.

On face value, this film looks like your standard zombie film. However, what sets it apart is the influence of director Danny Boyle who brought us films such as ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘slumdog millionaire’ which exhibit the same unique style and interesting twists. 28 Days Later stands out in the zombie subgenre for a number of reasons. Mainly, the monsters of the movie don’t quite qualify as ‘zombies’. These people are not the living dead but humans infected with the ‘Rage virus’ which holds a huge resemblance to the very real virus, Ebola, in the symptoms and easy infection through contact.

This new and unique feature helps to heighten the film’s horror aspect. Unlike other films from this category such as Resident Evil, with 28 Days Later, there’s no easy way to out manoeuvre the monsters. This type of monster, with their running and climbing abilities, would doom any zombie/monster pretences about how to best survive a zombie attack and forces the viewers, at the same time as the characters, to develop survival ideas.

Although a brilliant concept and plot, how the characters actually survive is beyond me. None of them have any useful skill for killing, neither do they have any weaponry which would compensate for this fact.

For the zombie genre, this movie is unique and original, I would recommend it to any horror fans as a must see zombie movie.

★★★★ ☆