I was asked by my course tutor to take a picture every ten minutes or so for 2 days in order to force me to be looking literally everywhere for images. I was sceptical at first that the images would be thoughtless snapshots, but after starting the task i realised that i didn’t have to take a picture literally of where i was every 10 minutes. every 10 minutes i would stop and look around for a picture that i thought might be interesting, i didn’t spend a lot of time on each one but i am happy with a lot of the outcome. 

One in particular i like is P1050308.jpg. This image can be seen below. The image is mainly of the sky and the clouds but has been cropped so that the street light that almost floats at the edge of the photograph reminds me of surrealist photographs and really makes you wonder how the photograph has been achieved. Also, it is clear that the image has been made during the day time but this is contrasted with the fact that the light in the image is on. I really like  that its odd and weird, and mostly i guess i like it because its completely unique and you could be standing literally anywhere looking up.