Originally I undertook this task using the Mamiya RB67 to photograph my response to the task. Unfortunately I’m not so great using a light metre and applying its knowledge to Shutter Speeds and Apertures in order to make a film come out… So because of that my original film came out practically 100% blank apart from what I think is a smudge…

Using the RB67 I took photos of my Buddha, and various other precious objects using interesting and intimate light arrangements to attempt to show respect to these objects. However, after doing this and assessing some other people’s work I realised that taking photos that document the objects I care about isn’t really what the task asks me to do. It’s says Homage. I realised I needed to make people see what I see in the things I love, and evoke emotion in the viewer of my work.

After this little epiphany, I went back to the task with my digital Lumix G1 and tried again with different ideas. I have created 2 main outcomes which are shown below:

Many of my photographs,due to my style, are high in saturation. This is because i believe that the camera’s photograph can never live up to the image that you saw when taking the photo, because of this i try to bring the colour back into the photograph. However, this image is not high in saturation because of my style. Birthdays are associated with happiness and mean that for one day a year a person be celebrated and treated to their perfect day by the people who love them. For this reason, the image couldn’t be dull and colourless because, to me at least, colour represents joy.

I’m really pleased with this image, its symbolic in that his face is glowing because of  the surprise and glowing literally by the candle light. I think this is truly a homage to birthdays, when i look at it it reminds me of all the birthdays i’ve had and of the birthdays of the people i love. I also think that to a parent it would remind them of their children’s birthdays. I love that the only light comes from the candles themselves which draws the eye automatically, but it is the pose of the subject that draws a viewer in on a deeper and more emotional level.

Alternatively to birthdays, i did go out in search of precious objects. i didn’t find much, but im happy with what i did find.

This wooden object was the centerpiece in front of a window in a pub, when looking down the corridor through the door window this is the image that is presented. To me, its striking with the light shining through the blinds and through the object itself. When i saw it, i knew it had to mean something to someone for it to be in such a grand place, with such framing.

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